Compensation & Career Path


We strongly believe that it is our employees that have turned WeRoad into what it is today and will also define our future. Our outstanding services have been created by our outstanding employees and in return we take pride in compensating each and everyone one of you according to the value you personally add to the business. How do we measure value? Very simple, we use our corporate values to understand how you as an individual contribute to the business, customers and our wider community:

#Passion #Discovery #Daring #Respect #Sharing #WoWness

all underpinned by #ambition, #speed, #entrepreneurship and #resilience. To be ambitious, resilient and fast we need clear objectives and maximum transparency in everything we do. Our informality, openness, and inclination to share are some of our core characteristics, and are essential indicators of our compensation guidelines.

Therefore depending on the complexity of your role, the responsibilities you are given, the future potential difference you can make, and the impact you can have on your team defines the overall value you will add to the business and defines the base salary and tier you may fall into.

Money vs Experience

We are fully aware that offering competitive and attractive base salaries is a key indicator for attracting the best talent. However, there are many other factors that are equally important to us. In addition to money or a fancy job title we want to hire people that are equally motivated by being part of an ambitious team, having responsibility and freedom, being challenged and pushed to their limits and thus experiencing their full potential.

Logically, compensation and career path are therefore two conversations that have to go hand in hand. If you find that you are not being valued enough, come talk to us, the last thing we want is to lose outstanding people.

Share Options

For anyone joining WeRoad as a Senior Leader we provide the option to get shares. More information on this upon request and if relevant to your role.

Bonus Scheme

We want to reward high performance! If we manage to reach our company OKRs, we offer a yearly bonus of up to 13% of the base salary depending on your performance. To understand how someone is performing, we use a Performance & Potential matrix.

Potential & Performance Review

Two times a year (April and October) we have formal performance reviews and additionally conduct 360 peer review feedback in March. Your manager will be asked to review your performance based on (1) your ability to achieve your yearly objectives and (2) alignment of your behaviours with our culture manifesto. Additionally, your manager will be asked to reflect on your potential, and respectively make sure that together you co-create the right development and growth plan. More on this in the next section. P&C will work closely together with each manager to ensure calibrated evaluations across different business functions.

Career Opportunities & Growth Path

As an employee we want to encourage you to take ownership of your own development and growth path within WeRoad. Your manager is there to enable and support you, but the direction and goal needs to be set by yourself. Depending on your own ambitions to grow and also the potential your manager sees in you, you have the opportunity to discuss and co-create a growth path and keep a record of this conversation on your performance profile, during your performance reviews (October & April). This way even if there is a manager change, no information gets lost and your personal development should be unaffected.

That said, we need to be agile and willing to adapt on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Nothing is set in stone and particularly not the future.

Our Compensation Tiers

The tier you fall into is a reflection of the value you add to the company, where each tier corresponds to a specific compensation level. To give you an example, you move up a tier if you grow into a team leader or department head; equally though, you can move up a tier by developing functional expertise, for example you are a developer and your work is technically so strong that you revolutionise the way the entire company is working. We share full transparency internally on how much we pay for each tier within each job function and department.

Tier Path Description 
A Vertical: Assistant or Intern You are here to learn and gain experience
Vertical: Specialist/ Junior

Managerial: Coordinator

You are taking responsibilities but still need guidance 
Vertical: Lead or Senior 


  • Team Coordinator 
  • Associate Manager
You no longer need much guidance, you are owning your tasks and showing independent thinking.  
D  Vertical: 

  • Staff
  • Manager


  • Manager
  • Senior Manager 
You are starting to have an impact beyond your own area of responsibilities, starting to think more long-term and strategic. 
Vertical: Principal


  • Head of
  • Country Manager
You are handling high levels of complexity on your own, technically or managerial, develop a vision, strategy and define the future path for your technical/ business area
Vertical: Senior Principal 

Managerial: Director

Your contribution to the business is absolutely essential for its future and growth. Your responsibility goes beyond an individual business unit and you are involved with defining and setting the corporate vision and strategy. 
Managerial: C-Suite The company would literally not be functioning without you, you are a driving force in enabling us to become a Unicorn.