Digital Monkeys



Introducing: the Monkeys
a.k.a. WeRoad Tech Team

WeRoad websites and platforms are built in-house, meaning that we internally take care of all aspects of the digital products, front-end and back-end, through our Tech Team. The funny thing to know about this team, that of today counts 35 people, is that they like to call themselves “the Monkeys”.

But Monkeys are not just “Tech”. 

They are a multidisciplinary team of Product Managers, UX Designers, Engineers and Project Managers, building altogether the WeRoad digital experience.

They constantly share and test new things and develop new products and capabilities to scale WeRoad up and bring the company everyday closer to its ultimate goal, which is becoming a Unicorn – no, not the magical creature even though it would super cute, but a startup company valued at over US$1 billion.

The Monkeys build all products in-house, which means they offer a complex architecture and a variety of different tasks to work on, but they also heavily leverage open source and SaaS platforms because they don’t like to reinvent the wheel.

They are big fans of working together as a team to figure out who will work on what, which means you’ll have more control over how you work.


The current platform, as of 2023, consists of:

  • Tour operator platform (aka Buynana): enables the core processes of our Product Team such as allotment, buying functionalities, contracting with worldwide suppliers;
  • Public website and CMS: a well performing public website, with a custom in-house developed content and layout management system, constantly evolved to fit all the Product and Marketing needs and to stay ahead of the competitors;
  • Bookings platform: to manage our current and future booking processes, including the sellable items management and the public end-user frontend
  • Coordinator platform: coordinators’ community management, tour/coordinator matching and on-tour and post-tour processes management.

The Monkeys are the first subject of this new WeRoad blog, and probably also the main stars. If you’re interested in tech and developing, you’re in the right place, so stay tuned for some more articles upcoming in the near future.

In the meantime, please enjoy this cute pic of the Monkey Team. We’ll also talk more about our monkey names – each of us identify with a specific monkey, of course.