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Product Talks – How product teams work in Casavo

In this episode of our Product Talks series, we had the pleasure of having a chat with Alessandro Dadone, head of product in Casavo.

Casavo is the European PropTech company that uses technology to simplify the real estate market, matching home sellers’ and buyers’ needs through a simple end-to-end experience on their innovative digital platform.

It was very fascinating to hear Alessandro telling us how the product team grew from a few people to over 85, and how they evolved their organization and processes along the way.


  • Product team organization
  • Balance between discovery and delivery
  • Role and responsibilities of product managers
  • Product showcase as a marketing tool


  • How do you manage OKRs?
  • How do you manage incidents?
  • Teams, squad and tribes, how do they work in Casavo?
  • Which metrics do you use to evaluate home prices?
  • Do you use A/B test?
  • Do you have a double career ladder for Individual contributors and managers?