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Product Talks – How product teams work in TUI Musement

In this episode of our Product Talks series, we had the pleasure of having a chat with Carlo Banfi, Head of Product in TUI Musement.

TUI Musement is a global marketplace in the Travel tech industry offering experiences and multi-days tour around the world. Acquired in 2019 by TUI Group which accelerated the global expansion, TUI Musement expanded over the years from ticketing up to offering in-destination experiences.

With Carlo, we have discussed how TUI Musement product teams have evolved throughout the years and how the tackle new launches of product. Carlo wanted to share on top of his experience in TUI Musement his point of view on how to handle those situations and some example of his past experiences as an entrepreneur.


  • Product team organization
  • The role of the UX Researcher
  • From an idea to a product launch
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Sharing qualitative data and AB testing
  • Incident Management


  • How do you persuade Stakeholders?
  • How are we organize inside Weroad as product teams? (Carlo question}
  • How can the engineering team can be more involved in the analysis phase?