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Product Talks – Managing Product Development Teams with Nicolò Pignatelli

In this episode of our Product Talks series, we had the pleasure of having a chat with Nicolò Pignatelli, Director of Engineering in GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is the leading booking platform unlocking the world’s most unforgettable travel experiences for modern explorers.
They help travelers discover a destination’s best activities and attractions and find joy in the authentic, extraordinary depth and spirit behind a pin on the map of the world

With Nicolò, we discussed his 15+ years of experience in managing Product Development teams, and his experience at GetYourGuide


  • General Experience
  • Teams and organization. How to keep consistency cross teams and handle large projects
  • Engineering stack and how to create/manage full-stack teams and keep tech debts under control
  • Infrastructure (to go multi region or not) and how to manage documentation for APIs and events