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Product Talks – The role of the Product Marketing Manager

Our Product Talk series continues, and this time we had the pleasure of having a chat with Lorenza Pugliese, Director of Product Marketing at Aircall.

Aircall is a cloud-based business phone system that helps businesses of all sizes improve their customer communication. It is a fully virtual VoIP solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

It was interesting to have a view on the Product Marketing Manager role, how it differs from the Product Manager role, and how it bridges the gaps between Marketing and Product teams.


  • Role and responsibilities of a Product Marketing Manager
  • Differences and similarities between the PMM and PM roles
  • Interactions between PMM and Marketing and Product teams


  • How do you identify buyer personas?
    How do you share them with the team?
    And at what stage do you use them?
  • Do the PMM deals with product growth?
  • Does a PMM uses/manages product analytics?
    How does it interact with BI or data analytics teams?
  • Can the PM and PMM roles converge, making a PM responsible also for
    the product marketing part?
  • How do you keep updated on what the competitors are doing?